I had two dreams of the rapture taking place and I had to stay behind. In the week I had a dream, a  light came over me and I was thanking the Lord and then the light left me and I saw myself not being one of the selected. I saw everything being taken up into heaven even cars being sucked up.  I saw all the people around me carrying on as if nothing is wrong. I kept on asking them don’t you know that the rapture took place. Then I saw a huge window and a huge sand storm coming towards me and the people all around me. I ran to close the windows and I woke up praying. I can tell you the feeling is so terrifying.   I had seven operations last year and with the last operation the Dr left a big open whole in my mouth and I got a septic wound I had to be rushed back to hospital and that Saturday night I felt a spiritual hand holding mine. I believe the Lord was with me and he pulled me thru. I could not eat for n week and had two more operations that week.

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