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Published by ExodusAdmin on 17 Jul 2014

You cannot have my boys!

When I was a young mom and my boys were little I came home from church one Sunday and took a nap. I had a beautiful pic of each of them in my great room. I fell into a dream where the pics were missing. In my dream my doorbell rang and when I answered 2 well dressed men pushed their way in. I asked them where my boys were and as they began to wrap me in heavy chains they said they had them and I would never see them again. Something rose up in me and the chains turned into gold. Like Wonder Woman I broke free of the chains and began wrapping the men as tightly as they had wrapped me. Then I told them, with the very chains you tried to bind me I now bind you in the Name of Jesus. You cannot have my boys. They belong to Him. All of a sudden the pics were back and the men were gone. I woke up at that point and told God I didn’t know what the dream meant but I received it.

As they grew up they wanted to be like their dad who at best was an agnostic. No interest in God at all. Then when they were 11 & 13 their dad left us. Thru a series of amazing events something happened inside them.

It was Saturday pm when they told me they wanted to go to church with me in the morning. We got there and my sons ran to the altar and were radically saved.

I had never forgotten that dream but the Holy Spirit brought it back to my mind that day. I gave my sons to Him and asked Him to be their Father and help me raise them. He did an amazing job and today they both love and serve Him. To this day I thank the One True King for that prophetic dream and for His love for us.

Brenda L

Published by ExodusAdmin on 17 Jul 2014

Positive attitudes

I had a dream several years ago. I saw my happy smiling face praying before a burning candle. Every time I prayed, the Holy Spirit acted upon my prayers. I then saw my frowning angry face praying before an unlit candle and every time I prayed, evils spirits continued to hurt me. The Holy Spirit then took me to Matthew 5:8 (blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God). This came after my refusal to forgive those who had hurt me immensely and my reluctancy to let go of guilts by socializing with those I had hurt in my attempts to show them I was sorry. When I finally let go my pride and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me into these tasks, I was free. The Holy Spirit brought so much peace to me, I no longer doubted Jesus Christ. I know now to hold onto positive attitudes lest my prayers be in vain.


Published by ExodusAdmin on 24 Mar 2014

“I had two dreams of the rapture taking place…”

I had two dreams of the rapture taking place and I had to stay behind. In the week I had a dream, a  light came over me and I was thanking the Lord and then the light left me and I saw myself not being one of the selected. I saw everything being taken up into heaven even cars being sucked up.  I saw all the people around me carrying on as if nothing is wrong. I kept on asking them don’t you know that the rapture took place. Then I saw a huge window and a huge sand storm coming towards me and the people all around me. I ran to close the windows and I woke up praying. I can tell you the feeling is so terrifying.   I had seven operations last year and with the last operation the Dr left a big open whole in my mouth and I got a septic wound I had to be rushed back to hospital and that Saturday night I felt a spiritual hand holding mine. I believe the Lord was with me and he pulled me thru. I could not eat for n week and had two more operations that week.

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